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Raju is a Chootiya, a Gandu
Woh dekh raju ko, chootiye ki tarha gandu ban raha hai.

Raju Gandu, randa chai laayo parcel u Chootiya
by Justin October 31, 2004
Raju means King or King of Hearts. The mack-daddy of all mack-daddies. History: Raju was a guy whom girls reject him as boyfriend or lover but one day girls becomes jealous of his wife who were the prettiest of them all.
Watch me mack 'em, them bitches gonna be jealous like them girls be jealous Raju's girl.
by Manan April 08, 2005
The same word as outragous, but abreviated.
Man, yesterday was sweet!

No man, it was RAJUS!

That party was hella rajus!

That man fan is not rajus, man
by All The Names Are Taken October 24, 2006
A verb that means to suck up to someone greater than you.
Yeah man, when that guy got owned he went raju on everyone.
by Zayzek June 19, 2010