Rain is the best weather (in my opion). its fun to do any thing in the rain. swimming in the rain playing inthe rain ..playing soccer in the rainand the feild gets muddy :) its the best
OH MY GOSH you guyz its raing out side lets go outside and play soccer!!!!!!!!!
by Super S February 06, 2005
my friend from boston told me bout this word it means to swish a shot in the means of bball , your a really good shooter , you make a lot of shots, a prediction if you are going to make a shot or not
by bballbabi3000 August 02, 2008
money. i call money rain due to the term "make it rain". so money is now called rain.
make it rain on them hoes
by hardtobody April 01, 2007
A force of nature that questions your authority.
The rain pours down. *screams* How dare you question my authority. I did not direct that water would fall on me. It is inefficient as it slows me down.

Conformity to designated specifications is mandatory.

Heh, I just came home after being rained upon.
by Darth Fureon March 31, 2006
When a performing artist is on the road or on tour. When singing about "the rain" it is usually about being sad or homesick.
Ive been in the rain forever; when am i gonna be home?
by J to the K February 01, 2007
Threat to the online community. IT Security expert, software engineer, network engineer, this is one bad do0d. When the name 'rain' is around, JTM is sure to be right around the corner. Should you run into either of the two, please unplug your modem and proceed to the nearest exit.
My site was defaced. The words "Rain says hello" were put across the main page.
by h4x0r September 02, 2003
a natural aphrodisiac
"the rain makes me cream my pants"
by Bracknell May 17, 2006

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