A free shower for the homeless.
Walking to work always smells better after a fresh rain.
by BGing September 30, 2007
The most beautiful girl on the planet. She is protective and strong. as well she is brave. she is a amazing friend. when it comes to needing some advice or help, she's the one you need to go to.
She can be insecure at times and unsure about some things, but she is smart. She is hilarious and has many different talents, writing being one of them. She's in a relationship with someone that thinks she's perfect, but yet she disagrees.
If you take your time and get to know her You'll gain her friendship.
Person: Man you're so perfect! you're everything a guy could want!
Rain: I'm not perfect, no one would want me. I have so many flaws. *cries*
Person: please just believe me, i know you're perfect, i wish i was you!
by AdrianSkye March 11, 2013
1.water that falls from the sky. it creates life. often seen in storms.

2.the perfect opportunity for a romantic evening.

3. throwing paper money in the air to waste. normally at strip joints.
1. without rain there is no life. without life there is not you. without you i am nothing. i need you like we need rain.

2. Kissing in the rain and dancing in the rain is the perfect way to spend a rainy night.

3. i make it rain in the club
by karabearz July 11, 2008
1)cloud droplet that has grown heavy enough to overcome gravity and fall to the ground (caused by the collision and glueing of many smaller cloud droplets swirling around in the air). Most likely seen in Vancouver. Least likely seen in Las Vegas
2)#1 reason outdoor events are canceled, and #1 reason why people would set foot in a museum.
3)the only reason someone would wear a bright yellow jacket.
Joe: I'm going to the Pacific Northwest.
Mary: Have fun in the rain
by fanthom June 19, 2008
proof from god that sometimes it takes a whole lot of tears for there to be sun afterwards
Just think of a day thats gray and ugly. i just pick up my chin and grin an sayyyy the sun will come out tomorrow (but not all rain is gray and ugly little annie)
by jimmy carson May 27, 2008
gunshots, shootout (lots of bullets flying thru the air like drops of water in rainy weather)
He got rained on yesterday. (He got shot at yesterday; He got shot yesterday.) Let it rain! (Start shooting!)
by Deekin Lakeio August 28, 2006
slang term for PCP or dippers
"sometimes i smoke the rain and get wetter than a penguin."
by millses August 04, 2005
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