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God's PeePee!, But only when he has had to much to drink
"Wow, its really rainy today"
by john November 03, 2004
1. A useless Korean hip hop super pop star in Korea who took Colbert's spot on the 100 most influential people.

2. A crappy pop star who has much talent as Britney Spears or Kevin Federline.
Rain is like watching a bad movie, you cry at the end of the performance because it's so bad
by sukimendo11 October 09, 2007
my friend's nickname
i love rain more than a friend, but he'll never know.
by i love rain November 19, 2003
When iCloud is hacked and all your naked pics and videos are leaked (Reveal all indecency/nudity)
I bet the celebs are going to ditch their iPhones after the cloud RAIN'd on 'em
by Ardonna September 03, 2014