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Adverb describing generally wreckless behaviour, i.e. someone who does something bad/anti-social in public without giving a fuck about being noticed by police, disapproving bystanders, etc.
He sparked up the lemon rago, right under old bill's nose!
by Cunny Linguist July 10, 2008
whatever; cool; ok; fuck it;
she said that we should do out and i was like, rago.
by ruby January 23, 2004
Adverb describing someone doesn't care about other peoples opinions.

Derives from Jamaican Patois 'Ragamuffin', which in turn derives from 'Rag-a-Muffin', which derives from 1350–1400 Middle English Ragamoffyn, name of a demon in the poem Piers Plowman
She went rago and sparked him in his eye ball.
That dance was rags(i.e. rago).
by Mr Bigglesworth2 July 21, 2011
A person who is poor/scruffy,And has no money, Also a word used in north wales is Gary,
"Look at that rago over there,"
"You are a rago mate"
"Shut up you rago"
by Josh Bryan September 09, 2006
Rebelling Against Goverment Organizations. a society against the government
Matt Blanc is the leader of RAGO
by Lance Morris August 30, 2003