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Known by lovers of the the Matrix Trilogy as "The One" or "Neo", The Rage is the one true savior of the human race. While not born with the innate gift, he (or she) trains their body into the ground in order to reach full potential. The passion behind the training is fuel by anger, hatred, the love of watching other cry and feel pain, and at its most basic form, rage. The lifestyle is not a choice; it is thrust upon only those few that are worthy of it and who live it every waking moment.
Someone may not be instantly recognizable as The Rage, but when there is pride and glory on the line The Rage will come out to play, destroying the hopes and dreams of anyone in his (or her) way.
I saw The Rage walking down the street yesterday. He slaughtered everyone in his way...even Chuck Norris.
by I<3PattyCake November 12, 2009

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