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The act of partying extremely hard. Side effects include but are not limited to: spending lots of money, drinking excessively, uncontrollable dancing, creation of new drinks, getting into randoms cars, the need to wear sunglasses in bars, confusion, obsession, and lack of sleep.

Those who engage in the act of raging are known as ragers and are on a completely different level than everyone. Trying to engage them in a conversation can prove a futile effort.
Classes are canceled tomorrow morning, let's RAGE!!

Friend: "Hey! How are you doing?"
Rager: "RAGE!"
Friend: "I see that...what else you up to tonight?"
Rager: "Get on my level. Rage."
Friend: "Okay...why are your wearing sunglasses in a bar?"
Rager: "The sun never sets on a badass. Rage."
by GiveMeYourShirt April 05, 2011
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