1. To sex someone

2. To make fun/give someone a hard time about something

3. Girls are 'on this' during menstration
1. 'Hey Bro I totally ragged that girl last night'

2. 'Yeah he ended up having sex with the 60 year old'

'gross man, I take it you've ragged him hard about it'

3. 'Dude what's up with her today?'

'dunno, probably on the rag'
by donkeystuff11 February 12, 2009
to shag someone violently so they are trown around like a rag doll.
MAAAATE i'd rag her! :P
by ad-cale January 29, 2009
Stands for the Random Ass Grenade, in call of duty 4. Where the person just aims in the air throws a grenade and the result is your death.
"fucking rags dude i can't go two secons without getting hit by one, screw shipment".
by k hump April 13, 2008
R.A.G.s (Random Ass Grenades)are grenades that are randomly thrown grenades, typically at the beginning of a round, when the players does know the location of their enemy. Usually followed by the player saying "R.A.G. out!" the term R.A.G. is usually heard while playing the following games online. Call of Duty 4, Rainbow 6 series, Halo 3, Counter Strike, basically any FPS (First Person Shooter)or grenade type devices.
Fuck it! I'm just going to throw some R.A.G.s their way!
by Russ Tundra March 05, 2008
In poker, cards that have little chance of winning.
Rags on the flop, so I went all-in on my pocket nines.
by Coell May 12, 2005
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