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The developed version of rofl (roll on floor laughing), rafl is commonly used by uber gamers and game developers alike generally to be different.
"Tripple Kill!!!"

"rafl, you're a cool cat"
by JoCo Tortilla March 02, 2008
24 9
A variation of the acronym rofl meaning "rolling on the floor laughing", rafl means to "roll around the floor laughing" or "rolling about the floor laughing".
That obese kid over there eating the taco made me rafl.
by OverKill360 February 08, 2009
12 12
Rafl is how you prenounce rofl, like lol=lawl.
Rafl Nubz0rs, stfu(Shut the Fuck up) or gal(Get a life)
by Sephplx May 19, 2006
11 20