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a combination of being rad and cool. the 2 don't cancel eachother out, but instead just make an awsome combination.
Dude, that party last night was radicool!
by David Zirbin June 19, 2005
(radi-cool) the height of awesome - a contraction of radical and cool.
That band is radicool.
by Morgan May 11, 2005
someone who is rad and cool
that d00d is radicool
by walt May 10, 2003
Something that is awesome and hyper cool, a stellar fusion between "radical" and "cool".
Chrissa: Woot! I just got a blacklite-strobelite!

Sami: RADICOOL! :)
by c0l0rfullx3 July 10, 2008
A combination of something that is rad and is cool.
(1)"Dude, that party was radicool last night!", or (2)"Did you see that radicool move?"
by David Zirbin June 19, 2005
An awesome word invented by Solveig, it is a combination of rad and cool.
J-rad: "Dude thats rad, and kinda cool"
So-rad: "Thats radicool!"
by So-rad August 13, 2008
radicool is a philosopy that combines the two words RAD and COOL used to discribe a bad ass
heel flip indys are not radicool

that girl looks like a pig smoking a cigar while eating a pork pie its so radicool
by hyphyordie November 10, 2008

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