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The sexual position where the woman lays on her back and raises her legs above her head. During sexual intercourse she may rest her legs on the mans shoulders.
I put her ass in the Buck
by Walt February 11, 2005
A male by birth who is either dressing as or living as a female.
That cutie over there is really a t-girl.
by walt February 19, 2003
a totally awesome person
walt is a walt
by walt May 10, 2003
someone who is rad and cool
that d00d is radicool
by walt May 10, 2003
to be tired, from bushed, as in George Bush
I was really georged yesterday.
by Walt January 14, 2005
Be=is or be

Wizzle+Da+Hizzle+Be+dat+Shizzle= What the hell is up with that shit?
Person: Hey, look at that.

Another Person: Wizzle da hizzle be dat shizzle???
by Walt January 31, 2004
A person who's uptight, no fun. A party pooper. A stuffed-shirt, a fuddy-duddy. Synonymous with "old fart".
"Don't be such a poot!"
by Walt January 30, 2004
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