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Acne between a chicks tits, or chest in general. see BACKNE, CRACKNE
Fat chicks' cleavage is prone to rackne.
Nice tits, but a little rackne.
by kungfoolio October 29, 2003
An outbreak of acne on the chest of a female, usually a disgusting display and should be hidden from the male species.
playa #1-dang Betty is wearing a low shirt.
Playa #2-yeah but did u check that rack-ne
by Ello, Govna May 14, 2008
pimples or acne that forms on a female's rack, boobs.
louis stopped hooking up with catherine when he saw the large amounts of rackne on her chest
by diva dawllingggg August 07, 2005
When a female has large amounts of acne on her breasts. Also known as zitty-titty.
Did you see Lisa in her zip down top? Her rackne was all exposed.
by MiscG July 28, 2013
when ones tits have acne on them
i didnt relize kelly had rackne until i was sucking on her lady lumps and swallowed one
by Alexander walter July 04, 2006