To steal, usually referring to something you "shouldn't have" anyway.
I racked myself some spraypaint cans last night after work.
by TFS July 24, 2005
A large party of individuals convening at a particular place. Commonly used in the DC area.
Ay son I went to that party last night and it was a whole rack of people at that jont!
by Stancil March 30, 2009
cool, awesome, sweet, tight, fly, ill, sick, etc.
boy 1: i just got some new shoes, arent they cool?
boy 2: mann those shoes are RACK!
by shelby=rack August 14, 2008
place to sleep
the other night, I was in control in the rack
by || WEP || December 02, 2001
to rack : to smack oneself in the balls with a skateboard "accidentily"
i was trying to hardflip when i racked myself really bad
by landin February 01, 2003
Rack! It is a Nepali slang word offenly used by people who's intrested living in smoke world and has no value in the socity, or one who is addicated to drugs.
I went to the chemist but they refused me to give the suff, now my whole day is Rack!

Don't do Rack give, me my suff and leave me alone.
by Suraj Rai April 18, 2007
1)Noun referring to the set of antlers on a deer.

2)Framework typically with rails, bars, hooks, or pegs, for holding or storing things.
1)Damn look at the rack on that buck.

2) Phil: Whattaya want me to do with my athletic cup?

Dan: Just hang it on the rack before I rack you.
by SleepFaster January 28, 2012
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