A big chest on a small frame
my girlfriends cousin has a nice rack and i'd like to tap her
by Friendly Tourist August 14, 2004
Rack (verb): To strike a male in the groin, specifically in the testicles. Despite the highly painful results, the term 'rack' generally expresses playful, friendly, or prankish intentions. Though its origins are unknown, it is suspected to have grown from the common billiards term, to rack ("rack up") the balls for the striker.
"Jon stole my last soda, but I racked him, so it all evened out."

"The golf ball ricocheted off the tree and racked Frank, causing him to keel over in the midst of his laughing friends."
by GBC The Box February 06, 2010
Bay Area term meaning one thousand dollars.

"It costs at least a rack to get slugged out with plattinum, ya dig."
by *RIP ca$h* May 04, 2007
cans, boobies, ta-tas
Why was Tit Man holding the mic up...cause he's showing off his rack!
by Richard Hertz Call me Dick October 03, 2006
1)Set of big titties
2)to steal from
3)a thousand dollars
1)My girl has the biggest rack at school
2)I racked mad cans from home depot today
3)ill give you a rack if you steal me a car
by whos ya daddy August 24, 2006
"Dolly Parton has great racks"
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
Its poop. Lots and lot's of poop
Hey amber did you see the racks in the toilet?
Hell yes gurl, too much
by farwa June 02, 2011

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