A metal bunk bed used in millitary barracks, or often in jails.
This term is used by marines, or correctional officers.
Correctional Officer: All inmates get on your racks for count and prepare for chow!
by Gsxrkidd November 05, 2010
To sleep. Usually referring to sleeping in an inappropriate place, such as in school, on the floor, during a movie, etc., but can be used to describe any sleeping situation.
"How did that movie end? I was racked the whole time."
"I'm exhausted. I'm going to go home and rack."
"Everyone check out Sam, he's racked on the ground right now."
by beautysleep January 08, 2012
midwestern slang for stealing.
let's go rack some paint.

I got popped for racking shoes from the mall.
by irishxpride June 02, 2005
A common word used in the D.C. area to discribe alot or a mass amount.
"Man I got a rack of of shit at the store today.."

by VA_Kim July 28, 2008
the act or discussion of sleeping
Last night I racked hard.
I'm about to go rack.
by Jbutters May 14, 2007
to hit your groin on somthing.
David racked himself.
by ZACH April 11, 2003
a set of cooked or roasted animal ribs, whether cow, sheep or goat ribs
i had a rack at TGI last friday
by James March 28, 2003
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