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Being rich as fuck, ballin' outta control. Racks is a synonym for stacks; a stack being $1,000. Basically, if you stackin' money crazy high, you got racks on racks on racks. Made famous by Yung Chris' hit song 'Racks'.
That nigga Yung Chris might not have had racks on racks on racks before that song, but that shit is a hit, I bet he's rollin' now.
by Boubie April 07, 2011
Possesing the sculpted look of one of the cast members from the movie 300. Particularly well defined abs -- an 8 eight pack or better.
Eddie: Dude I've been working out for like 6 months but I still don't have a 300 body.
Xian: Nobody can obtain the elusive 300 body, just give up.
by Boubie May 26, 2010

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