This is a bit of regional English that just might be confined in time and place to Berea, Ohio, 1960s; everywhere else they were called greasers. The boys had slicked back hair, wore a black leather jacket, a white dress shirt, often starched, and tight, tight, fairly high waisted black pants. The shoes were inevitably Regals, pointy-toed dress oxfords with patent leather just at the toe tip. Girls ratted their hair, which was often bleached, wore white lipstick, lots of eyeliner, sometimes with blue eye shadow. A popular blouse was purple satin with horizontal ribbing ("coffin silk"), worn with a tight knee-length or just above black skirt. Sheer nylons were de rigeur. Sometimes white canvas tennis shoes completed the look, often kitten heels did. They smoked. The guys worked on hot rods. A lot of them came from a wroking class neighborhood near the railroad tracks and off of Front Street.

Other groups were "Collegiates" (pronounced "C'llegiate") and "Surfers". There were nascent hippie and artsy cadres, but they didn't have a specific name I can remember.
"Did you see Dan's dating Regina? What's he doing dating a rack?"

"Ma! Some racks jumped me on the way home from school!"
by Bereoid June 24, 2013
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set of breasts
She has a nice rack
by Ben November 29, 2001
Money, usually in thousand dollar amounts.
Man, I came up on like 5 thousands racks lastnight.
by Taylor P July 24, 2006
A Rack is more than a $tack which is a thousand dollars in $20's. A Rack is ten thousand dollars in $100's boyyyyyyy getcha racks up sucka's
I got racks on racks on racks VS I been stackin stacks... Now you know!
by Cmoney$21 February 10, 2012
full rack, half rack, baby backs.
Dcup Bcup Acup
That girl has a full rack

" " " half rack

" " " baby backs
by DVF May 20, 2005
1. A shelf for storing your items;

2. A huge pair of breasts, usually located on some women's chests.

3. Ranger Assault Carry Kit- a chest rig worn by US Army Rangers.
1. I never have enough racks to store my Soldier of Fortune magazines.

2. Gawd, that lady's rack is so meaty, one could shove a CD between them and lose it forever!

3. My RACK's got bullets and frags to spare.
by Monk of War June 04, 2005
Risk-aware consensual kink: a philosophical view that is generally permissive of certain risky sexual behaviors, as long as the participants are fully aware of the risks.

Risk-aware: Both or all partners are well-informed of the risks involved in the proposed activity.

Consensual: In light of those risks, both or all partners have, of sound mind, offered preliminary consent to engage in said activity.

Kink: Said activity can be classified as alternative sex.
We went to a play party this weekend and remembered to keep SSC and RACK in mind.
by noseinthegrass January 24, 2012
1. (n) set of breasts (particularly round and large)
2. (n) stacks of money placed in hundreds that adds up to be more than a thousand dollars
3. (V) to get 150+ likes on a photo on some social media
1. "ma'am, in the leopard dress, you have an amazing rack!" (usually followed by a slap but in this case, a cry from a lost baby in the back seat of a stolen cop car.)
2. "Stealing that rack is a felony in NYC, jackass!"
3. "Dammnnn, since when did that bitch rack on Instagram!"
by d-to-the-ray June 23, 2014

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