Rack is both a noun and a verb. It is slang for Cocaine.
"Hey man, have you got any rack"
"nah mate, its all gone, i just racked it all up"
by backindauk October 19, 2006
to steal something, to take something that is not yours, australian slang similar to gank.
also other australian slang synonyms are: hike, hitch
"where did you rack those kicks from?"

"i racked some good loot yestarday"

"i need to rack me a dress for the ball(prom)"
by pro hiker July 25, 2009
A complete set of human breasts, ready for use by the male of the species
Johnny:"hey dude your sister has a nice rack. Mind if I cop a feel"
Xavier"wait a minute I'll just go ask her..."
(2 minutes later)
Johnny: dude, what did she say?
Xavier: (plunging a kitchen knife into Johnny's left eye socket) she said I should stab you in the eye, you fuckin pervert! DIE YOU FUCKEN DOG CUNT!!!
Johnny: Arrrghhh....uunhh... (gurgle)
by skumliterati March 12, 2015
RACK risk aware consensual kink
It knowing the risks you take in certain BDSM play. RACK
by Mistress Debi September 20, 2013
A term mainly used by inner city youth, primarily in New York City that loosley means to steal something.
Bro, last night me and my boy racked all of the bev and beef jerky from that hotboy CVS.
by yungrackgodd December 31, 2014
To steal by shoving an item in the underwear of a shoplifter.

To tuck someone's shirt into their underwear while wearing a jacket or jumper over the top, and drop stolen goods down from the collar of the shirt into the rackers underpants
"Are you gonna rack that DVD for later cuz?"
by Alpha city November 17, 2014
Noun. The impressive antlers of a mature white tail buck. Loosely speaking ten points or higher possess racks.
I couldn't stop my hand from shaking as the ten point with the amazing rack strutted near my tree stand.
by Blackholelight January 11, 2014

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