Someone who drives a race car for a living.

Derived from the word:

race - noun. A competition of speed, as in running or riding.

and the suffix:

ist - One that performs a specified action
Hey NASCAR is on! Let's watch all the racists go around the track in their race cars!

Look at that guy in the race car... he is such a racist!
by Flubba bubba boo April 18, 2005
A racial slur referring to white people. Calling a white person a "racist" is the equivalent to calling a black person a "nigger". White people don't normally react to words like "honky" and "cracker", but calling them a "racist" is what gets to them the most.
Steve: you people are all the same!
DeShawn: Yous a Racist! ya white cracker!
Steve: How dare you! i am NOT a racist!

* Steve later asks all his white friends if they think he is a racist. *
by BeneathTheSink April 06, 2013
Racist is the guy who kicked the black dude in front of him.
Racist is the guy who doesn't like the Jewish.
Racist is the guy who thinks Israel is a demonic country.
Racist is the guy who doesn't like black people.
Racist is the guy who chose Pokémon White.
Racist is the guy who destroyed a Pokémon Black cartridge.
Racist is the guy who is ok with white people.
Racist is the guy who is against Buddhism.
Racist is the guy who is hated.
Racist is the guy who has too many internets.
Racist is the guy who has already been blocked by 28 people.
Racist is the guy who is secretly 11 and stupid.
Racist is the guy that is very lonely.
Racist is the word you shout out in conversations.
Racist is the guy who you slapped the other day.
Racist is the guy who is frowned upon.
by Ryouu December 19, 2012
Racists are hypocrites at their worst. They think that rejecting other people will make them feel superior to others. Also, they think that the people they are picking on will not beat the living hell out of them. In fact they will.

Whatever you are, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc., and then someone picks at you, you have four choices:

1. Call the police.

2. Beat the livin' hell outta them.
3. Kick them and punch them and verbally abuse them as much as they did to you.
1: John Doe: Hitler is such a racist.


-MrAnonymous: *punches racist who picks on him* SO, YOU WANT THAT, STUPID RACIST?!!

-RacistGuyWhoIs GettingBeatUp: *continues to pick on MrAnonymous*


-RacistGuyWhoIs GettingBeatUp: *shudders* k, I'll stop. *slowly limps away from MrAnonymous*
by AlessaGillespie June 26, 2009
1. Someone who can't stand anyother ethnic group than his own and being convinced to be better than any other ethnic group.

2. Something arrogant told by an ethnic group showing the slightest regard for the other. Or stereotyping
1. Mexicans are so sub-humanS i don't understand those. Yes i'm racist.

2. 1st White person : There is, like, never any black kids at the skating rink. OMG, what's that thing Chris rock says? "My momma couldn't buy no ice skates.." or was that dave Chapelle ?

another White person : No, that was Eddy Murphy.

A Black person : Excuse me? this is a racist conversation

1st White person: What? i didn't mean...

The Black person: Uh-Uh. You're in here talking about "Black people can't afford ice skates" like it's funny. There are racist people in here.

1st White person *running away from the room*: *SOB* That's NOT what i meant!

The other White person: *trying to catch the person crying* Misty wait..

The Black person: You see? That's just what i mean - SHE makes a racist comment, and no one runs to comfort ME. Now, SHE'S got to be taken care of, and here I am.

By: " The Journey, in Comics"

Author: William Ayers

Author, Illustrator: Ryan Alexander-Tanner
by getyourfactstraight July 10, 2010
Someone who is winning a argument with a Liberal.
"...but in order to get out of the Welfare state we've gotten ourselves into over the past few decades, everyone needs to stop feeding off the system and actually work instead of merely relying on Big Brother taking care of all your problems!"
"'re a racist!"
by Flession November 07, 2007
A person who wants people of a certain or all other ethnic groups to go back to their own damn country. These people often sell their souls to watch nascar on TV and sit on the mexican border with a shotgun, creating their own immigration policy.
I am racist and i have HIV.
by Bboy Yeesus January 07, 2006
People who call another in differ names other then his because they trouble pronouncing it currectly, names that orient from in his native roots, religious history or movies.
Israeli guys walks into a bakery full of racists, asked for his name which they cant pronounce so they would call him Zohan instead.
Weeks later said people might forget said character name, but remember the movie, so they might call him "counter terror hair-dresser".
The guy then sink into depression and stop shaving or cutting his hair, after few months he walk as usuall into workto be called jesus , do to some visual similarities and his jewish background
by JesusReturns December 29, 2011

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