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1. Someone who can't stand anyother ethnic group than his own and being convinced to be better than any other ethnic group.

2. Something arrogant told by an ethnic group showing the slightest regard for the other. Or stereotyping
1. Mexicans are so sub-humanS i don't understand those. Yes i'm racist.

2. 1st White person : There is, like, never any black kids at the skating rink. OMG, what's that thing Chris rock says? "My momma couldn't buy no ice skates.." or was that dave Chapelle ?

another White person : No, that was Eddy Murphy.

A Black person : Excuse me? this is a racist conversation

1st White person: What? i didn't mean...

The Black person: Uh-Uh. You're in here talking about "Black people can't afford ice skates" like it's funny. There are racist people in here.

1st White person *running away from the room*: *SOB* That's NOT what i meant!

The other White person: *trying to catch the person crying* Misty wait..

The Black person: You see? That's just what i mean - SHE makes a racist comment, and no one runs to comfort ME. Now, SHE'S got to be taken care of, and here I am.

By: " The Journey, in Comics"

Author: William Ayers

Author, Illustrator: Ryan Alexander-Tanner
by getyourfactstraight July 10, 2010

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