A term used to define a person that makes decisions on the basis of race. Race is a construction built to subvert races to the benefit of one race (guess which one? Hint: they are not the majority in the world). While bigotry is possible with anyone of any race, a racist is a person who belongs to the racial group in power. So while anyone can claim Native American heritage, whether true or not, racists have the unrecognized ability to mask their privilege and go through life without having to examine oneself. Not everyone is racist, but those who never question their privilege are enjoying the benefits of whiteness.
The racist attitudes of the posters shifted the blame to the marginalized group, in effect avoiding the issue completely. By the way, "crackers" was a result of the ones "cracking" the whip.
by Dropping Knowledge on Crackerz March 05, 2007
wat America is full of
dont make fun of muslims, u racists
by gplpark92 August 20, 2006
People who call another in differ names other then his because they trouble pronouncing it currectly, names that orient from in his native roots, religious history or movies.
Israeli guys walks into a bakery full of racists, asked for his name which they cant pronounce so they would call him Zohan instead.
Weeks later said people might forget said character name, but remember the movie, so they might call him "counter terror hair-dresser".
The guy then sink into depression and stop shaving or cutting his hair, after few months he walk as usuall into workto be called jesus , do to some visual similarities and his jewish background
by JesusReturns December 29, 2011
any person who takes advantage of someone of a different ethnic group. Any person who offends, underestimate or make negative comments about other person of a different ethnic groups. Any person who uses stereotypes against others.
i wanna make this guy finish my job so i can go early home.
It Doesn't matter, is a Mexican

all the white people is fucking racist
yes, they are

tell that stinky brownie to come over
by burt666 December 13, 2010
One who runs very fast!
One who believes he is better than people, because he's faster than them.
Man 1:Wow, Tom is a real racist, ain't he?
Man 2: I know, he really needs to slow down!
by Greased up October 22, 2011
When someone genuinely thinks another race is inferior.

It's true that this word is unfairly used on a lot of white people.

HOWEVER, it is entirely wrong to say that black people are generally just as racist as white people.

Black people CAN NEVER BE AS RACIST. Unless they brutally enslave, torture and murder millions of white people. And that is never going to happen.

White people have a gruesome history of hundreds of years of murdering people. Black people .... Do not.

Therefore, many people are entirely justified in calling white people racist. Individually, definitely not. But as an entire race...well there are some pretty bad things to come to terms with.
P1: All white people are racist.

P2: You are a fool.

PA: Black people are just as racist as white people.

PB: I don't recall black people starting a slave trade...do you?
by Artisan informer June 03, 2013
A word to describe anything rubbish, bad or uncool - a bit like the new use of the word 'gay'.
That's not a real Ferrari it's a Toyota kit car - it's really racist.
by Le Hammer July 11, 2010

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