Top Definition
1.) A handy word that means anything.

2.) The answer for every question.
"Dude, I almost beat level 18!"

"What did you get on your history final?"
"I got an A+"
"I put Qwag for every answer."
by pocketlikechange March 19, 2010
To choke on marijuana smoke from a water filtered device. Originally from Humboldt Co. Cali.
You qwag'd you noob...
by Mr Anderson December 05, 2004
Any substance, liquid, slime or muck that cannot be identified easily. This word was founded and orginated in southern NJ, although some would argue its origin was closer to the Toms River area. Those claims are pure qwag.
Jackie- "Ewwww whats that mysterious gross stuff on your leg"

Shane- "I got qwag all over me" !!
Shane " man im Qwaggin'"
by Suga Shane August 28, 2007
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