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gangsta vietnamese people. or so they claim.
the viet man named Quing Jin Bang Me Kok claims that he is a Quoc.
by atomix July 31, 2004
58 46
A Viet surname often used in english pranks because of it's wonderful likeness to an english word for male genitals.
Jade: Hey George did you sign up on RSVP today?

George Nguyen: Yeah i did, my name is Long Quoc, but i used my own picture for the profile because i'm sexc.
by Longquoc October 15, 2009
18 23
a clown that makes random noises-very similar to tourette.
Noises include: aiaiaiai,yayaya,and balllooooooo.
Person A: ballllloooooo
Person B: Dude, do you have tourette?!
Person C: NO Man! he just busted a Quoc
by Cousin123 June 16, 2007
17 51
viet for fag, or lab assitant who thinks he so cool cuz he shows girls pics of his friends chest telling them its his
"hey wanna know what this guy did?"
"sure, what he do?"
"he sent me this pic of him flexin but that fags always in the lab too much, jamming to classic rock and washing dishes. that dumbshit doesn't have time to work out cause hes kissing the professors ass too much. he doesnt have a future doing anything else except be a lab bitch."
"ya sounds like hes pulling a big fat quoc"
by dave nguyen October 25, 2007
15 63