A sandwich chain with no customers and 50 tables.
If it wasn't for that neon sign I wouldn't have known Quiznos was still open.
by not yet cured April 29, 2007
To be excessively warm in a confined area
Bruh, it's Quiznos on this bus
by Tj_DJ_REACHING_INFINITY February 15, 2015
the place with those rat things with human face parts, pirate hats, that make you piss yourself every time they come on the tv.
by allievmarie February 14, 2004
Makers of rat sandwiches.
I don't know how Quiznos actually got rats to shill for their rat sam-itches. Damn those Quiznos rats is creepy looking !!
by Chaich February 13, 2004
1. A Delicious Oven Toasted Sub
2. The marks left in a toilet after flushing a crap
3. A Big Jerk
Whos the quizno that left the quizno in the toilet.
by John March 10, 2005

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