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That creepy lookin' thing that sings about subs on the quiznos commercials
Damn, that Steve Barber is creepier lookin' than a quiznos rat!!
by Chaich February 13, 2004
A big load of shit.
Steve Barber
I have to take a huge Barboski
by Chaich February 10, 2004
A hobo in full "hobo mode".The act of being a hobo.
That woody sure is a fuckin' hobotron.
by chaich February 12, 2004
The Ultimate in Hobo's...the absolute lowest a mortal can slither to
That Woody is a fuckin' Ultrabo
by Chaich September 14, 2003
Sperm. The sort of sperm that makes a good woman leave, or a stupid one's ass reach astonomical proportions.
That ol' poison juice sure did wreck Hailey's ass.
by Chaich September 14, 2003
A female hobo (very rare)
Man, if that Woody was a woman, he'd be a Hobo-ette.
by chaich February 12, 2004
I stuck it in her shit gun.
by Chaich September 14, 2003

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