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(v.) Being high; While 'toasted' Derived from the Quizno commercial "Toasty."
Man, I just smoked a splif and I'm quiznoed!
by meowmixer May 20, 2007
What's goin on. Tha shit. What's up in the hood.
random guy1: Yo, what's krackalackkin'?
random guy 2: shit dog.
random guy1: aight, I's finna drop a bone in dis bitch?
random guy2 What the fuck's a bone you crazy nigga?
random guy1: shit joe, i don't know!
by MeowMixer October 05, 2004
A random insult to annoy people. One who steals turds.
Fuck you! you ass-sniffin' turd burglur!
by MeowMixer October 09, 2004
The perfect word to confuse people when you already know they're stupid but just want to check.
I was on the phone with this dumbass, so I screamed DOGBAR and they were like whaa?
by MeowMixer October 09, 2004
Some mean chick with cheese.
Missy bit my neck and my mom asked about it and I said she had cheese. Then my mom was like ''I don't give a shit who had the cheese!''
by MeowMixer October 05, 2004
Martha Stewart and Oprah put together.
Don't hate Cuz U lookin' like Mofra!?!!
by MeowMixer October 05, 2004
Mr. Bo jangles' brother's friend's doctor's husband's veterarian's sister's cousin.

A guy slangin' some dope shit (the flamest polyester on the northwest side)
a negro: Hey, where's Harold?
by MeowMixer October 05, 2004
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