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to bum fuck someone with your toe
ahh jonny depp just gave me a really good quisting...
by Nun wars October 31, 2010
A street term for an organic fluid known as semen. The discharge of quist is called ejaculation.
Bill Clinton: Hey bitch, open your mouth so I can quist in it.

Monica Lewinsky: Oh i just love your quist Bill.
by IamSammman June 19, 2010
The sound that shit makes as it squeaks out of your ass.
You can hear that scumbag Reg quist from down the hall.
by scramabamalam July 02, 2013
A dirty vagina (usually fishy) in a state of arrousal.
Dude that chick had a nasty quist
by ooohsonasty November 25, 2010
also known as Life and Times

1. to have an abnormally busy social life when concerning women.

2. a pothead pimp or junkie playa

3. also "pulling a quist" denotes having more than 3 calls interupt eachother when on the phone.
1. "yo, dude, what the fuck was up yesterday man? i couldnt reach you"

*shrugs* "life and times man, you know how it is"

2. "what are you doing on the phone for so long you dirty quist?"
by DorianEzra June 01, 2005
A combination of a large quiz and small test.
Dr. Barrile gave us a 40 question quist in our White Collar Crime class.
by bigsexy1925 March 25, 2010
The spraying of a fine mist of vaginal juice due to a queef.
Right before she sat on my face she quisted on my head
by Serial Carpins July 10, 2008

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