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see also quist

1. a phrase denoting an active social life with women. the origin of the phrase is rumoured to have begun in conversation after one of the partakers of the conversation recieved no less than 7 calls from seven different girls back to back
*phone rings*
"life and times, terry?"
"life and times, man"
by DorianEzra June 01, 2005
also known as Life and Times

1. to have an abnormally busy social life when concerning women.

2. a pothead pimp or junkie playa

3. also "pulling a quist" denotes having more than 3 calls interupt eachother when on the phone.
1. "yo, dude, what the fuck was up yesterday man? i couldnt reach you"

*shrugs* "life and times man, you know how it is"

2. "what are you doing on the phone for so long you dirty quist?"
by DorianEzra June 01, 2005
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