It's a word the girls try to use to show their "individualism". Wearing thick rimmed glasses with no lenses, granny clothes and socks with toes etcetc. If you call yourself quirky you should refer yourself to the article titled tool, because that is what you are. The true quirky people are generally the ones who graduated from an arts university campus, have some deep seated mental minor ocd/adhd about something, and are generally, not skanky whores trying to pull with their quirky-fucking-ness.
Hey, do you like my lensless big glasses and granny sweater? It's so quirky, i think the guys are going to love me.

I hate you, dickhead.
by jon_sparky February 03, 2011
Used to define someone who was different but in a good/cool way. But it is now used as an insult to describe someone who is in desperate need of attention to the point they intentionally do abnormal things. Such as scene kids and hipsters.
Zooey Deschanel pretends to be quirky.
by kalby_dik November 14, 2013
"Quirky" means "having a peculiarity" or "having or showing a tendancy to suddenly twist and turn."
by Urban Dictionary September 28, 2003
An elaborate unnecessary lifestyle lived out by an individual. Eccentric
Ross's purple hoody is very quirky
by r0k0 February 11, 2011
Worth doing impressions of.
Hey look, Tim blinks 5 times and stares at you wide eyed and leans slightly backwards everytime he says something!

How very quirky! Does he know he's doing it?

Dunno, let's do impressions of it back to him!
by torturedconcubine May 11, 2011
A socially functioning retard.
Tom is slightly quirky!
by Laughs a lot February 27, 2012
Something that is cool but is not said to be cool because that would be uncool and to call yourself uncool would also be uncool but being uncool in a cool way would be quirky
Shaun is not funny therefore his gay friends think he is unique and quirky. But he is not. This is an example of not being quirky, a quirky wannabe if you like.

Opposite this and you will find quirky.
by Cook September 30, 2005

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