A socially functioning retard.
Tom is slightly quirky!
by Laughs a lot February 27, 2012
Something that is cool but is not said to be cool because that would be uncool and to call yourself uncool would also be uncool but being uncool in a cool way would be quirky
Shaun is not funny therefore his gay friends think he is unique and quirky. But he is not. This is an example of not being quirky, a quirky wannabe if you like.

Opposite this and you will find quirky.
by Cook September 30, 2005
Under the influence of marijuana, i.e. "high".
"Dude, I'm feelin' so quirky right now."
by 11Twisted December 02, 2009
an adjective used to describe people that do not go "by the book" in their sexual endeavors.
that sarah evans is a quirky little bizatch!
by Allimanda January 17, 2004
What teachers say to students that they hate with every bone in their body.
"Jonah, you're quirky!"
by Chris O'Donnel September 08, 2004
To live on an Island for 7 years and to leave a little bit bigger and with less haid, also without any qualifications.
A- See that loser over there

B- Probably a Quirky!!
by Martin Bickles June 14, 2008
A word used to describe an annoying and difficult to use keypad on a mobile phone. Derived from the word QWERTY, which is the standard layout of computer keyboards and the normal definition of 'Quirky', to discribe something unusual and arkward.
The Nokia 7600 has a 'quirky' keypad
by aelso January 19, 2005

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