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A person who sucks farts out of chickens. Possibly as an occupation.
Man, I saw your dad over by the chicken coop. What is he, a quinby?
by Beeler September 18, 2003
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another word for a rather faggotty person,also acts like a nerd
liam is such a quinby
by rgeiss June 03, 2009
funny friend :) she pulls stupid faces and has hyper attacks, but don't we all?? and all her invisible friends are friends with my invisible friends, heha especially PENGUIN!
quinby: hows penguin?
me: he's good. sitting on your head.
quinby: cool. mines on the ceiling.
me: yea mine likes doing the cancan on the ceiling.
quinby: tell me about it.
by :poisonedheart: January 15, 2004

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