An English slang term meaning "a small amount of"...usually money, but can be used in reference to anything.
It costs about five quid...what do you say?

Here, if you want to look like a proper redneck...chew a quid of tobacco
by VooDooXII October 26, 2007
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One pound (100 pence) in British Sterling (GBP). Can refer to the actual denomination (a goldish looking coin, about a centimetre and a half across), or any amount in Sterling. In very common use, all across the UK.
"That'll be a quid mate"
"That's going to set you back about 3, 4 hundred quid"
by dr_newstead August 14, 2004
One pound in English money.
U could get that whore for a quid
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
A singular unit of currency, once recognized only as the British pound (100 pence) but now widely used in place of the word dollar, pound, peso, et cetera.
Man: I'll give you twenty quid.
Whore: Sorry, mate, that's not enough to get in my boot!

by Ern December 24, 2005
british for money. it means pounds, yeah?
'ere, sell us some fags'
'that'll be five quid'

cigarettes are so overpriced, y'know?
by rob April 22, 2005
an english pound, their currency
I need twenty thousand quid for my new car
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
A piece of chewing tobacco in early 1900s slang.
"Ten cigars, twenty cigarettes, and two quids of chew per man; now that is decent." - All Quiet on the Western Front
by Ira Gaines April 16, 2006
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