An English slang term meaning "a small amount of"...usually money, but can be used in reference to anything.
It costs about five quid...what do you say?

Here, if you want to look like a proper redneck...chew a quid of tobacco
by VooDooXII October 26, 2007
A piece of chewing tobacco in early 1900s slang.
"Ten cigars, twenty cigarettes, and two quids of chew per man; now that is decent." - All Quiet on the Western Front
by Ira Gaines April 16, 2006
a women that indulges herself in the personal lives of other people and then partakes in telling other people.
Jessica is such a quid!

I would respect Jessica if she wasnt a quid.
by FetaChita November 02, 2010
Acronym: A queer in denial.
That guy is such a quid, he's so far in the closet he's in Narnia.
by John Clarky May 16, 2005
It's queer and kid put together in a commonly known slang word
Dude your such a quid
by insane0phreak July 10, 2008
Queer Kid
see Queer
Rebecca and Ashley, the quidiest of them all.
Yo Boy friend is being a quid.
by Rebecca Dashoe March 04, 2005
noun. liquid, burning diarrhea, usually smells bad and has a yellow color, feels like one is peeing out of the other end
if you eat lots of spicy food, expect a quid once in a while
by bungbung February 17, 2005

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