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"It's just a f**king omelette inside of a pie crust."
"Guys will eat an omelette and a pie crust separately, but the d**kheads won't eat it together. I'm down with quiche, and f**k anyone else that ain't."
by Robert Flynn, Machine Head January 11, 2004
63 417
Used to describe someone who is hotter than hot. From Chris Lilley's show Ja'mie: Private School Girl
"OMG, Hugo is so quiche."
"I really wish that I had a quiche girlfriend like Izzy"
by ACBP October 23, 2013
567 45
Female genitalia.

Can be used in numerous ways often with hilarious consequences when situated near a buffet...
"X has got a cheesy quiche" (Often sung)

"Oh, crusty quiche"

"Look at that fork-in quiche" (See what we did there)
by Millidred June 21, 2005
515 204
Quiche is a slang term for a situation that is hot, sweaty or sticky.
'Turn the heating down me Julie, it's a bit quiche in here'
by Tommy Theobald November 30, 2005
463 179
Seriously fucking hot.
Ja'mie is so quiche
by privateschoolgirl October 23, 2013
256 34
Someone who is the next level of hotness, one of the main measures of quicheness in a girl is her 'box gap'. Such as in Ja'mie private school girl.
OH MY GOD that quy is so totally quiche
by itsactuallynotme November 09, 2013
84 18
"Quiche.............Quiche you say what is that?"............

Well in short its a craze that is taking off in the East Midlands, more specifically Lenton, the student area of Nottingham. Scrapping the definition, quiche has become 'THE' word on the street. Taking any form of adjective, noun, verb and so on, quiche is the perfect word for everything. Quiche is always used in GOOD manor and in delight. The fact that it rolls of the tongue with such a satisfying ease is why it is so good. Examples include:

Endless possibilities........Quiche is dot dot dot dot dot.
Man those jagearbombs got me absolutely quiched last night
by Quiche Pioneer January 27, 2011
90 52
A simple, homely, or basic person or thing. It is often used to describe someone who clearly attempts to be extravagant, creative, and grandeur but is really about as plain as a bag of potatoes.
Student 1: She actually thinks Harry Styles wants her! HA!

Student 2: Please! She is way too quiche for him to even notice. Swerve.
by Boña December 11, 2013
12 20