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What to say when you want to call someone on their lie and make them look stupid.
Oscar: I am not jealous. Done her before, and she ain't any good in the sack.

Ed: It's fun to pretend.
by Inertient November 23, 2009
A predictive report on sexual prospects.
Miguel: What's the ho-cast for Teri's party?

Joe: Gonna be rainin' bitches!
by Inertient November 23, 2009
A sequel, prequel, or any other addition to a series which just doesn't belong. Created solely to squeeze every last cent out of a successful franchise, and often made by someone other than the original creator.
Sam: Remember the Terminator movies, from when we were kids? Those were the days.

Greg: Remember them? They're still making 'em!

Sam: Nope, I'm pretty sure they're not. All that's left now are tack-ons.
by Inertient November 23, 2009
A slang term/alternate pronunciation of cash.
Tom: Old man Phillips burned down his own shop? Why the fuck?

Alex: Quiche.
by Inertient November 23, 2009

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