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1. Best cs player of all time
2. Best person on the planet earth
3. One pissed off mother fucker who will rip you apart.
A possible example is "timur>you"
by asdae October 12, 2004
167 63
" You're personal pimp!"
by Ana July 04, 2003
67 60
A tall slinky kid...his elbows have about 6inches of loose skin...cousin of Adi and Alen
look over there is that timur...no nvm its just a long ass white shaft
by PlaYa RaLpHiNo July 02, 2003
25 84
Homosexual so flaming, they can keep a campfire lit all night.
On camping trips, we like to roast giant wieners over Timur.
by rainbow power April 22, 2005
61 122