to lose your mind while completely oblivious to the fact that you have lost your mind. named after Que from Day 26
person 1: man he really tripped out on us

person 2: yeah i know he really pulled a que.
by etru April 21, 2009
Contrary to popular belief, "que" does not mean "what" in Spanish. It actually means "that". The word for "what" is actually qué (with a forward-accented e).
1. Que es yo - that is me
2. ¿Que és? - What is it?
Means young.

Antique is really old so que must be really young.
your shits anti-que, my shits straight que son.
by zzzaaa January 02, 2010
the worst name a parent can give a child
Hey Que!!! Did ur parents sing the ABC's when you were being born??? AAAAHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA!!
by Jumpman"Q"CH August 12, 2009
(adj) 1. To be interesting, amusing, or exciting. 2. To be pleasing to one's senses.
Wow, that bitch is really que!
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
Que is another word for a line of people.
The nerds waited in a que five blocks long to enter the movie theater to see Star Wars.

"Damn dude, when will this que start movin'?"
by Kenneth Boston June 19, 2005

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