extremely fatigued
I worked so hard, I'm quanked.
I was so quanked I couldn't get off the couch!
by sas August 13, 2003
A remark to be used when someone is talking, b!tching, moaning and generally complaining and/or being longwinded.
Wife: "Husband, you left all the lights on AGAIN! You are wasting valuable electricity lighting the room just for the dust bunnies!"

Husband: "Quank, quank, quank."
by Catriona July 14, 2005
(kwank) A title given to an individual given their particular actions or appearance; one is a Quank after committing acts of ignorance, stupidity, or other simple miscalculations. Quanked (kwankt) When an individual is set up to encounter misfortune by another individual.
-"Hey I left my bag on the bus again" "your a big quank"
-"Hey my laptop got stolen from the change room!!" yehp you got quanked pretty good"
by quanker May 17, 2011
A word that is used to replace any other word ever thought of.
QuankAnne quanked the quankette in the quankhole.
by Quankleen July 12, 2003
An old time Monk who roamed Wales in the 12th Century. Some say he was the love child of a Norse God and a Mermaid
Epic poem "Quank sailed the hills like a ship in its time"
by Kris Barnes January 31, 2007
Quank does not mean shit. But you can sound cool saying it cause the other brothers dunno what the fuck it means.
Next time I see that foo' Ima quank his ass.
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
QU-AY-NK (adj) Used to describe something cool or something exhibiting good qualities.
Jilm: Remember that time Frimple ate an entire jar of Jalapeno pickles?
Grumgrum: Yeah, that was so quank!
by Faffy McFafferson October 17, 2014
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