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A condition of mental, emotional overload induced by layers of stress and influx of digital stimuli which stops the process of analysis and comprehension.
Suddenly I felt quanked while reading reports of the polar ice caps melting.
by Mort Hill April 24, 2006
4 4
A simple definition- quick wank.
'Had a quank before I left'
by Neds December 28, 2006
17 5
A remark to be used when someone is talking, b!tching, moaning and generally complaining and/or being longwinded.
Wife: "Husband, you left all the lights on AGAIN! You are wasting valuable electricity lighting the room just for the dust bunnies!"

Husband: "Quank, quank, quank."
by Catriona July 14, 2005
15 8
(kwank) A title given to an individual given their particular actions or appearance; one is a Quank after committing acts of ignorance, stupidity, or other simple miscalculations. Quanked (kwankt) When an individual is set up to encounter misfortune by another individual.
-"Hey I left my bag on the bus again" "your a big quank"
-"Hey my laptop got stolen from the change room!!" yehp you got quanked pretty good"
by quanker May 17, 2011
5 1
An old time Monk who roamed Wales in the 12th Century. Some say he was the love child of a Norse God and a Mermaid
Epic poem "Quank sailed the hills like a ship in its time"
by Kris Barnes January 31, 2007
9 7
Quank does not mean shit. But you can sound cool saying it cause the other brothers dunno what the fuck it means.
Next time I see that foo' Ima quank his ass.
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
15 13
A word that is used to replace any other word ever thought of.
QuankAnne quanked the quankette in the quankhole.
by Quankleen July 12, 2003
6 5