A position at a wealthy company created because the company owner had a silver spoon son who needed a job to pay for his closet panama red habbit. When the son stopped nursing his daddy's titay his daddy kept the position but filled it with a psuedo-titay-sucking-son. Often referred to as boss's pet.
Owner #1 'I just can't seem to find anyone to properly fill my Quality Control position.'

Owner #2 'I can send over a great guy from my department. He's just off the chapped lips list and is ready for more Quality Control.'
by Kshoop December 08, 2003
Futile attempt to ensure that a product or service complies to standards.
Moe works in quality control. He makes sure that sharp objects don't end up in coke bottles.
by JWooden271 December 06, 2003
To take command of how good something is by doing it the best it can be done.
Its time to do some Quality Control on this motherfucker and do it proper
by Greg December 05, 2003
A wonderful invention. Without this, alot of the people at this site would wind up speaking another language.
Without quality control, most of you would be fucked!
by Kantora March 21, 2004
A method whereby the Urban Dictionary gets cleaned up, otherwise it would get filled with "Flubby Wubby is gay", incitement to racial hatred, and juvenile verbal diarrhoea.
At a job interview at the local biscuit factory for Quality Controller.
Interviewer: "so, what do you do in your spare time?"
Candidate: "Oh surf the net, and visit Urban Dictionary."
Interviwer: "Really? I do that too! Do you Quality Control there?"
Candidate: "Yes, I clean off all that juvenile jibber-jabber."
Interviewer: "Welcome to the Biscuit Factory! You have just got the job!"

I defined a word, then did some quality
Everytime the Quality Controller define a word, I deleted 10 defintions, then clicked on 5 removes.
by Kerb December 01, 2004

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