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5 definitions by JWooden271

The practice of selecting one female in which you have genuine interest, rather than persueing sexual intercourse with numerous women.
Dude, I'm going for quality vs. quantity.
by JWooden271 December 06, 2003
64 20
Audio management software created by Apple Computer. Features include: audio playback, cd-ripping, iPod sync, and an online music store. This software runs on Mac OS and Windows.
I used iTunes to organize my music collection.
by JWooden271 December 05, 2003
184 153
Dyslexic or joking way of saying telephone.

See: Telephone
I called her up on the fellytone.
by JWooden271 December 06, 2003
10 4
Futile attempt to ensure that a product or service complies to standards.
Moe works in quality control. He makes sure that sharp objects don't end up in coke bottles.
by JWooden271 December 06, 2003
1 3
A joint venture of MSN and NBC. Broadcasts news on cable television and online. Competes with numerous news networks.
Should I watch CNN, ABC, or MSNBC?
by JWooden271 December 06, 2003
182 227