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when 1 or more indiviuals are "fake baked" as in pretending to be high on marijuana and show up and make a scene to get attention at a party or social gathering.
-Dude are the baked?
--nahh dude there fuckin quaked..
by DSEG May 07, 2008
Someone Being Struck Extremely Hard,Usually Resulting in an unconscious state.
Damn that nigga dejan got his shit Quaked yesterday!
Did you see it?
Nah...He got quaked though? DAMN...KO
by Mestizomatt November 10, 2010
When someone is so excited they are overly shocked. The emotion rocks them to the core - it QUAKES them!
That totally quaked me to the bone!
by sweetness in C'Town November 23, 2009
Being in a state far beyond being rattled.
Person 1: Dude, he's so rattled.
Person 2: No man, he's quaked.
by Me. No, not him. Me. December 08, 2007

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