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Originated from John Hughe's 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off,' meaning "something to be chosen before other things."
Nate: Your mom's cookies are so choice.
Mike: Whatev.

Perry: Man, that car is so choice.
Brian: I wish I had it.
by Murdock January 20, 2005
Used online in the Blizzard game "Starcraft" when a nuke is used to kill mass units.
{after nuking 30 zerg units} "Holy shit, that was a cosby!"
by Murdock November 24, 2004

Used to described someone who is under the weather, or sick.
Murdock: Brian looks pretty quaffled today.
Nate: I heard he got pneumonia from some lady's cat.
by Murdock March 04, 2005
This starts out with 4 guys and 1 woman sitting on a couch. Guy #1 starts out by peeing on the girl while she cuts her own left pinkie off with a dull bladed knife. Guy #2 starts blowing Guy #1 while Guy #3 and Guy #4 start kissing in a very gay way. The woman defecates on the floor and throws it at Guys #3 & #4. Guy #1 then punches the woman and they all leave.
Guy 1: Dude, I did a Canada's History last night.

Guy 2: I know... I WAS THERE!
by Murdock February 04, 2010
Jobless Jimmy's definition that equally means god.
"I can't believe all those morons down there are killing each other over me, and they don't even know my Hankdamn name. My name is Hank, Hankdamnit!"
by Murdock December 07, 2003
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