a boat used in the sport of crew (rowing) consisting for 4 rowers and a coxwain.
hey guys! we are going to row our quad today!
A sort of 4 wheel drive motorbike driven by rednecks. Drive through South East Ohio and watch the mullets flying in the wind as morons without helmets tear thru the woods desperate to pull up and shoot anything that has a pulse!
I cant think of one - just read above
by wayne February 27, 2005
to steal babies for future resale
1) we went quadding last night and got two new quadlings.
2) "quad that
by babbababab August 14, 2008
its when you drop a "duece", clean up, and then have to go again immediately.
I thought I had to drop a duece, but it was actually a quad.
by sleazyt March 17, 2005
1:An overweight female that has huge camel toes that are usually quad.
2:The alphanumerical value abbreviation
of the number four (4).
"Whoa.. that chick is a quad."
by shoVel July 27, 2003
The reason Kyle Gruber skips all chorus rehersals.
1: Is Kyle there, because he wasn't at Chorus.
2: Oh, I guess he's not coming. He's out on his quad
by Squad Car April 15, 2007
To create powerful bass.
I put 4 15's in my S10 and now that shit quads yo!!!
by Love Doctor September 16, 2004

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