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Someone paid or in service to protect and/or do the physical hardships of another.
"Joe's got a hired muscle outside his bar"
by Alex April 28, 2003
a tissue that is specialized to undergo repeated contraction and relaxation, thereby producing movement of body parts, maintaining tension, or pumping fluids within the body.
I be bangin' dat ho so long, her taint broke now I be slippin' in da wet paper bag muscle
by Flamin' Raymond Green July 17, 2008
to overcome someone with physical force.
Grant had a whiskey and decided to muscle his girlfriend.
by AC March 11, 2003
To muscle is to pack some kind of weaponry; usually guns.
I'm up in some pussy, up out there muscle (ing) with uzi's- Rick Ross
by Gdub13 July 04, 2009
Individuals placed together and working for a common cause (plural)
Your sister may have she juiced the locker room, but it was the muscle of the football team that scored that extra point
by Flamin' Raymond Green July 17, 2008
1) Noun dating to the sixteenth century meaning manpower

2) Fibre based-tissue under the skin that contracts upon electric signals being recieved, therefore moving the skeleton.

3) See muscle car

4) Penis

5) power
We have the armed muscle to to the heist

My bicep muscle is hurt

muscle cars suck

my muscle is pumpin, hehehehe

feel the muscle of the new regime!
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
noun dating back to the sixteenth century meaning manpower.
We better get some armed manpower for the bank heist.
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
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