QB stands for quadruple B (b.b.b.b), which stands for Big Black Booty Bitch.
nigga1: Damn that Rihanna looking girl is a QB!!
nigga1: hell yea negro lets tap that qb together

nigga1: i feel ya nigga

*2 minutes later*
nigga3: dayum nigga did you see that QB?
whiteboi: i love QBs
by IlikeQBs March 25, 2011
1.queens Bridge
2.quarter-back (foot ball)
3.qb nation (Mobb Deep, C-N-N, Shan, Nas, Poet, Kamikaze, Killa Kid
Nature, Cormega, Brave hearts, foxy etc.)
"i'm reppin' qb till i die"
by Hipityhopitymtea May 24, 2003
Queensbridge (housing projects in Queens, NY)
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
quit bitching
Rick: I really miss my girlfriend.
Bubba: qb
by Coach Copeland August 25, 2009
QueensBridge, Queens, New York.
Housing Projects.
Ron Artest wears 96/93 for QueensBridge.

Throwin' passes from a barrel, shoulder pads, apparel
but the QB don't stand for no quarterback.
by Nasty Nag July 09, 2009
it is a emoticon i created hoping to replace B) the new one inculdes a hat
person1: dude im cool like this qB)
Person2:*muffled talking* loser
by lil alejandro29 August 02, 2009
Quick Beat

A rapid handjob performed by oneself or a partner

Usually combined with lesbian pornography
Pat: "Yo, can I get a QB I've had a bad day?"
Butters: "Fuck you kid your a dick"
Pat: "Dude, don't be a dick!"
Butters: "Alright, throw on some LP and meet me upstairs"
by Rollo Tony January 09, 2012

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