Bastardization of "qp" or quarter-pound. Usually referring to marijuana but can apply to other drugs. Often said as "qb sneak" to veil the meaning to those not in the know.
Ay man, you lookin' for that qb sneak?
by Cornelius Vanderbilt III June 30, 2005
queerbait- a person who attracts homosexuals
Sean(strait) got hit on by Steven(gay), therefore he is now known as QB.
by bianchini August 31, 2005
"QB" An accronym for Queer Bait.
Sgoss, you're a fkn Queer Bait!
by Geolz July 23, 2005
A contraction for "fuck you, Bitch!"

fu... "CK YOU B"... itch
As Jeff stares down at the mangled body he just mutilated, he is filled with a sudden rage, and begins to kick the corpse violently...

The entire time, all he says is only "QB."
by Nubluva October 17, 2005
Noun. QB stands for Quick Bang and refers to something or someone attractive.
That chick is a QB
Sally is a QB
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvqxyz December 06, 2006
Microsoft Quick Basic.
C:/> QB45.EXE myprog.bas
by Cyanide January 10, 2005
Short for Questionably Brokeback: Suspect. Metrosexual. All the familiar symptoms of being homosexual.
That dude is hella QB...did you see him drinking his beer out of a straw?
by G-ster March 31, 2006

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