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Quick Beat

A rapid handjob performed by oneself or a partner

Usually combined with lesbian pornography
Pat: "Yo, can I get a QB I've had a bad day?"
Butters: "Fuck you kid your a dick"
Pat: "Dude, don't be a dick!"
Butters: "Alright, throw on some LP and meet me upstairs"
by Rollo Tony January 09, 2012
4 3
Queen Back a.k.a. Quarter Bitch- One who is the biggest tease of high school. One who never follows through with relationships. One who plays two friends, leading them both on, hooking up with one just to throw him out; thus proceeding to become obsessed with the fellow friend.
"I don't know her." "Trust me on this one, you don't want to get to know her, she's a 'QB'.
by crackkills321 June 30, 2010
5 6
1. Any sexual activity, specifically that of the rough 'n' ready nature - a "quick bonk".

2. A piss-easy maths course taken by proven softies.

"Oli, what are you up to this afternoon?"
"I'm going to Matt's room to do some QB"
by Dave (I hate God) February 28, 2009
20 27
Queen Bitch
"Cause no one can do it better than the one QB" - Lil' Kim
by CelestialSovereign January 11, 2009
12 19
quarter black
That guy is 75% Caucasian and QB
by DS God January 18, 2009
6 18
The borough of Queens in the city of New York. (Also BkB, for Brooklyn, the BX for the Bronx.)
Shoutin out from the QB.
by matt August 24, 2003
25 38
queerbait- a person who attracts homosexuals
Sean(strait) got hit on by Steven(gay), therefore he is now known as QB.
by bianchini August 31, 2005
19 47