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a girl who is so popular that you don't hate her, but you are her best friend, just like every body else in the class and are treated with respect and every body is equal around her. she is also loved and worshiped by all the boys
girl: I wish I was popular:(
pyper: hay, why don't you come hang out with me and all my freinds
by i dont know yolo November 25, 2013
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Pyper is an extremely Loveable, raidiant, girl. She commands attention from the room. Pyper gets what she wants and no one can bring her down.
Pyper is the best.
Oh Pyper? Yeah shes gonna be prom queen.
The first female president should have been Pyper.

Pyper could drive a kickass Troll Atv when she was 1.
via giphy
by The real Lemony Snicket December 22, 2016
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