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5 definitions by howdydudey

A pathetic loser!Typically a 18-60 year old male who can't get a date with a real woman. Often lives in a family members basement.
Usually a racist. Loves to play WOW and other gay role-playing games when not on /b/ or looking for porn.
Often found in 12-16 year old girls chat rooms on stickam, blogtv or some other webcam site. They think they are cool when they use misspelled words 4 code..examples..Pl0x, tiem, liek, nao, bewbs, noob, etc...little do they know that it really makes them look like an idoit. A /b/tard's favorite saying is Tits or GTFO. They say (type) it over 9000 times daily! /b/tards love mudkipz. They are the reason we can't have nice things. /b/tards are not disgusted by anything! They can watch a midgette get beheaded while fucking a dead horse covered in maggots, all while eating a sanwhich and laughing. /b/tards think it is funny to ruin someones life: Especially a beautiful young lady with a bright future. /b/tards are scum of the earth and are truely sign of how our society is failing in general. /b/tards are proud to be the scum that they are!
Did you see all those /b/tards raiding that poor girl's chat room last night? She was scared shitless! Those /b/tards found out all her info and threaten to come to her house and rape her! What a bunch of losers!
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
269 248
the way a retard or a /b/tard says please. Only fags and dorks use this word
Bewbs or gtfo pl0x!
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
22 29
The way a FAG or a retard says owned...and they think it is clever somehow!?!
What a /b/tard might say after watching a video of a Canadian getting fucked by a moose: "Man, that maple licker just got PWNED!"
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
11 20
The way a FAG says time!
A /b/tard commonly says: "Can it be CP tiem nao pl0x?"
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
49 140
The way a FAG says more
After recieving a nip slip pic of jailbait a /b/tard simply responds: MOAR Pl0x!
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
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